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“Fiesta Resort” Is the best Resort in Philippines.

The last island in Philippine is surigao. It’s the best and number one... Experience breathtaking sunsets, halcyon days and miles of beautiful beaches of Fiesta Resorts in Surigao.
Found on the northern shoreline of the Mindanao Island, Surigao.
Fiesta Resort was opened in June 2009. Excellent resort with a large pool and a seafood restaurant. Fiesta has 14 ocean view rooms and the 500SQ pool consists of bubble system and child zone. Delicious dishes are served in the seafood restaurant by Surigao's top chefs.

Room service is available at 5 star hotel standard and every efforts will be made for your comfort.
Fiesta ensure a perfect banquet room with appropriate facilities and Fiesta's philosophy of space. Fiesta's refined, efficient services ensure that you will be the star of any event.