“Fiesta Resort” Is the best Resort in Philippines.

The last island in Philippine is surigao. It’s the best and number one...Many years ago, our founders purchased a vast expanse of coastal land punctuated by lagoons of the most intense cobalt blue. Browse our photo albums and discover the unforgettable Fiesta Resorts Experience for yourself.
Welcome to Fiesta Resort Surigao
The first resort opened by Korean in Surigao, "Fiesta" is not just accommodation facility but with more wills of developing resort complex in Surigao.

I am very proud to open the first resort in Surigao which I believe to be a flare for the resort complex in Surigao and also proud this was first done by Korean.

Fiesta resort which consists of rooms, pools, seafood restaurant and banquet facility fulfils both the vacations and all kinds of family business events.Fiesta attracts and leads its position in southern Philippine and also lures customers from Cebu.Please watch out Fiesta with your more consideration.